1) The all-good all-powerful all-seeing all-knowing creator-being in most religions, although there are different names and often many gods

2) The topic on UD where they're all reccomended for deletion, good or not.
1) god is the creator.

2) Christian/jew/muslim etc: Ah... this is athiest (or agnostic). Delete.

Atheist: Ah... theist (or agnostic)... delete.

Agnostic: Ah... doesn't show both sides... delete.
by Darkshadow September 29, 2004
to me, god is a giant cheeseburger...and i must dance around cheeseburgers and then eat them to appease my god.
i can do this cuz it's my right to
"oh my god, this cheeseburger is great!"
by ian g. June 29, 2004
Imaginary father figure invented to help people deal with the meaninglessness of their lives.
"Don't worry, just because your a pizza-faced freak, God still loves you"
by Durrikan May 31, 2004
nothing and everythign in the same. I would like to point out that God did not bleed for us, Jeses did. God hasn't given us shit since we killed off his " Son".

Non existant.
I don't have a god, i just make fun of yours.
by Dennis May 25, 2004
A little half man/half animal thing.
A monkey
by Anonymous May 27, 2003
"better" than humanism

I kill da cocksuckas, i burn da muslisms, shit, i rob the poor even blinder and make sure people like Oprah become billionare!!!

Free will is to many atheists as god is to believers. Without it, they would all lose hope and OD.
by gaymulkan May 21, 2003
The One Who most people hate because they don't know Him, He is the source of all and science does more to prove His existence than it can to disprove it. If the universe were created by a series of random events then it wouldn't be learnable and it would be impossible to understand how any of the processes in the universe work or fit together because they wouldn't. That would be chaos like the lives of people who hate God or don't believe in Him. Because happenings in the universe are ordered, measurable, and designed that is proof that an intelligent force is at work and not just random causality. This proves that there must be a supreme intelligence, consciousness, purpose, and will... or simply GOD. Without God there wouldn't be any scientific rules in the observable universe. Things that make sense like gravity, temperature, acceleration, velocity, inertia, free fall, mass, light, time, matter, volume, lift, pressure, work, and heat wouldn't exist and neither could the universe in any knowable form without these. So thank God for being there. Amen
Scientifically, cause must happen for there to be an effect. People who don't believe in God or intelligent design only look at the effects side of the equation. And because of the nearly endless effects that they observe it becomes harder and harder for them to wrap their minds around the cause. God is the cause and everything else is the effect. "But that's too simple" people say when the fact of the matter is that it's terribly complex. So complex that it would take a million eternities for human beings to put all of the pieces in place for just how such a thing might work. I want you to keep in mind that science as it is known as a tool for observation is only around 500 years old. So the universe has been in existence for at least 12 billion years and it has only been studied for 500 years, so you do the math and tell me how Darwin and every other God hating so called educated or reasoning person could conclude that God just must not exist after 10 years of school when the universe is 12 billion years old at least. People who are able to arrive at such ridiculous conclusions should find something sharp and fall on it.
by Phoenixface July 08, 2009

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