see neil aka mogley
Once-mythical creature that has finally shown his true identity.
God has the power to hi-jack your brain and manipulate your every thought, just to get you to do something simple like tell him a story or fix your info.
Listens to unity songs, thus appears un-scary.
Neil aka Mogley is God. Not to be confused with Dog.
by Nothing August 18, 2004
The self.
I am my own god.
by Kain May 08, 2004
1 - a word meaning a supreme. omnipotent being.
2 - when capitalized, the entity worshipped by Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Also called Adonai, Allah, and Yaweh.
3 - and exclamation or interjection
4 - one who is exceptionally talented in a certain field or area

The female form is "godess"
1 - Shiva is a Hindu god
2 - Praise God, from whom all blessings flow
3 - Oh, my God! That's awful!
4 - David Beckham is a soccer god
by Tanja February 24, 2004
Something ifront of your eyes all the time.
not visible for people who have closed they eyes
Shaddap there is no god exist , OMG lol !111!111!!111 ( said an idiot)
by TAKAVAR December 17, 2003
A cult made to make the world pure of filth...
Sorry God, the cult was over run by filth
Omnisent being. The creator of everything. Well, he began everything, bad things evolved because he made a strategic mestacke: gave people free will. So stop blaming him for everything, dipshits.
God is almighty. But he gave us free will. And we turned out to be a lawless bunch of gits
by JcDent August 18, 2006
God is a great person that died for all of our sins! not just for mine or your best friends, but EVERYONES! he loves everything and everyone.. including you! no matter what you do or how you treat other people, he loves you! dont take love for grantid, pray, and go to church! god'll love it!
"When you are down to nothing, God is up to something!"
by kayt_21! March 11, 2006

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