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A totalitarian that kills and slaguters tons of people in the bible showing how human he really is. Someone that can be compared to stalin.
Another great purge will be at armeggedon. God is just like stalin, and troskey is like statan.
by left wing king December 31, 2003
47 66
Something ifront of your eyes all the time.
not visible for people who have closed they eyes
Shaddap there is no god exist , OMG lol !111!111!!111 ( said an idiot)
by TAKAVAR December 17, 2003
22 41
A cult made to make the world pure of filth...
Sorry God, the cult was over run by filth
12 31
Omnisent being. The creator of everything. Well, he began everything, bad things evolved because he made a strategic mestacke: gave people free will. So stop blaming him for everything, dipshits.
God is almighty. But he gave us free will. And we turned out to be a lawless bunch of gits
by JcDent August 18, 2006
15 35
God is a great person that died for all of our sins! not just for mine or your best friends, but EVERYONES! he loves everything and everyone.. including you! no matter what you do or how you treat other people, he loves you! dont take love for grantid, pray, and go to church! god'll love it!
"When you are down to nothing, God is up to something!"
by kayt_21! March 11, 2006
18 38
If you're an atheist then fine you wont believe there is a god but for those who do must respect how different people interpret their gods. often used as a scapegoat for wars and brainwashing people when ironically was to allow people freedom to pray and worship for peace and happiness.
Yeah there is one big power and we are all his creations doesnt mean you have to join a cult or read the holy book daily. Just have some respect for the unknown.
There is one true god...
by Stephanie Dawn August 02, 2005
32 52
The most most most. The greatest that ever was in this universe as by far. Something really really intense.

Superlative: The most God.
Woah, I think I'm still drunk; that party last night was God.

Dude, last night with that chick you were so God.

Beer is the most God.
by JSS February 27, 2005
16 36