God is the Father and creator of all. It is in Him that we have life and breathe. We have all been disconnected from Him because of sin. The sin that we choose to do. The GOOD NEWS is that we can reconnect with HIm through His Son, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins. It is only through the Son that we can reconnect. We all fall short of the glory of God. We think He is a monster, a fake, a heartless imaginary man that we are all supposed to be afraid of; UNTIL we learn that God is not about hell, fire, and brimstone. God is love, truth, and everything that is NOT evil. We are supposed to have a personal relationship with God, the ONLY way to get to know anyone, is by initiating a RELATIONSHIP with that person. Before putting God on the chopping block, have you ever just tried (FOR REAL) to get to know Him? I'm sure He would love to meet you. God bless :)

There is no growth without change, no change without fear or loss, and no loss without pain.

"If you continue in my word, then you are my disciples indeed; and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free" John 8:31-32 (KJV)
God is my fortress, in Him I am secure.
by Amen for Christ October 04, 2010
Too great to be defined. sooo..
THE supreme being who created everything and everyone, what you believe about how he created the earth, (eg. evolution or special creation) does not matter, as long as you believe Jesus Christ died on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice. He loves you even if you curse his name...THAT is grace.
Nothing or no one can be an example for God.
by kaiva May 12, 2007
-A being that obviously not many people here believe in...

-An all powerful being that created everything, whether by evolution of whatever, and is SO powerful we can not even begin to understand him!

-A being that is so different than a human because if one of us had that much power, we would go mad, and do all sorts of things like changing the laws of nature every other day, making all women walk around nude, make up animals all the time, and make alot of the ranting people on the def of this word right!

-He's better than you and you know it!

-He doesn't have to be praised day and night, and he doesn't care if you follow a strict set of rules, as long as you believe in him, and repenty at some time, you will go to heavan, which sure beats going to hell and burning and having your soul broken! (do you even know what it would feel like to have your soul attacked? No i didn't think so!)

-A Great thing many people are too blind to see can accept that not everything in this world make sense!

-A being scienctists believe the mere theory of evolution disproves!

-You don't get everything you pray for! Good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people! But God Didnt Make It That Way! We Did! So Suck It Up And Pray Abit!

-A being people are trying to get out of our governamtn and schools and yet are wondering why the worlds going to hell!
"Excuse me I'm gonna go pray to God for your souls now, and trust me, we'll see who right and whos wrong soon enough! Though if you're right, then we wouldnt exist! But if I'm right, PARTY AT HIS HOUSE! (i'll remember you as i look down)
by Stover May 03, 2005
The one thing that keeps me killin' y'all!
I'd smash your skull, but God says not to.
by Betterthanyouguy November 10, 2004
An invention of humankind because man didn't want to deal with his own problems, so they invented god to solve them and use an excuse to kill muslims and burn witches.
"Oh my god"
"Praise god"
"God loves us"
"God-dammit bobby"
by M.Savage May 10, 2008
1) The all-good all-powerful all-seeing all-knowing creator-being in most religions, although there are different names and often many gods

2) The topic on UD where they're all reccomended for deletion, good or not.
1) god is the creator.

2) Christian/jew/muslim etc: Ah... this is athiest (or agnostic). Delete.

Atheist: Ah... theist (or agnostic)... delete.

Agnostic: Ah... doesn't show both sides... delete.
by Darkshadow September 29, 2004
to me, god is a giant cheeseburger...and i must dance around cheeseburgers and then eat them to appease my god.
i can do this cuz it's my right to
"oh my god, this cheeseburger is great!"
by ian g. June 29, 2004
Imaginary father figure invented to help people deal with the meaninglessness of their lives.
"Don't worry, just because your a pizza-faced freak, God still loves you"
by Durrikan May 31, 2004

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