One republic, under G O D Government of Democracy, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. ( Some battle that the acronym GOD must come out of the Pledge of Allegience, while many Americans without the church cannot get in their opinion. A lack of resistance therefore is building against those who would protect this acronym, title, or as some have and the CONSTITUTION suggest is a diety Creator of Americans. The realize, they say, that since the liberty, undivisibility, and justice is failed then then, really, in all the sense of rationality indicated that there is little purpose to fly the flag. "It is a insult to those who know real liberty." Without these truths in action, others say it is a symbol to the people to Form a Government To Serve their interest and reinlist all liberties lost.
Government Of Democracy, GOD; A Title, A gereric indication of the inherent GODLY power of the people over the Government. G O D is the Govenment Entrusted to Americans to Infiltrate the World. To spread the "name of GOD" as a diety without offering freedom and equality is an oxy moron and not prudent of the American People.

"The Forefather of our Country were not forming a Religion, but a Country, unlike any world power ever lived. Success followed their endeavor until America's Leaders became in debt to World Banks and Conspiracies that led the country into Bankruptsey created a handful of World Bankers. In 2006, the American Debt National is over 8 trillion dollars. Theologist in political and government science as well as men who pulblish around the world believe that this is why the new ruling that IMENIENT DOMAIN has been held more important than the rights of the people. The American Soil and the Citizens there are the only collaterial for this DEBT. The only way out of this debt in international bankruptsey or by obeying the Constitution to "gather the militia and protect from foreign invasions at sea." Axis has identified a 40 year theorey written by an American dwelling Athiest ( As a Free American, and to enjoy those freedoms, Axis announces that GOD must stay every where and in every Document and be replaced in public places.) Not a a sentence of condemnation but of Freedoms. To understand why Americans Believe in God, however they understand him,
one must read the Constition. The Global Spokesman is on his own to say that "the strength that Great Britian had over the People was their religion of GOD. Our Forefather, even those who were American Dwellers granted rights by the people, and not by God, used the very power of the CHURCH and a DIETY to Protect freedom so that it could not be used to enslave and capitolize upon people anywhere. Continued, is this. During the dark ages the scripture (all wisdom available) was not allow the people therefore the people were subject to all sorts of superstitutions. The press was not available and few people were educated. Ignorance was continued upon the people because truth and education were available only thought the "interpretations and opinions of the "holy see, clergy and monks and" many a millions were robbed because of fears upon them by the "EDUCATED?" who invented the "theorey of a Eternal Hell" as a fear factor to collect your belongings. The history of the Mother Church include ALTER BOYS because faithful parents, though ignorant and innocent, desired the best for thier sons and left them to the monk to be educated. Martin Luther was educated in abuse and carnal lust which empassioned him to continue to learn the scripture for in it he found confort. The Protestant Reformation, ( really ended with the Lutheran Church) because although dissenters of the chuch did not "officially" rejoy the Roman Catholic Church, they did not continue to seek protestant interpretations of the word but continued to follow as they were taught not reading and educating themselves on the church, the word, the sciences, or the truth in most areas other that ONE areas in which makes them a Paycheck. And example of the Mother Church dominion on Protestants is the Church/Rome King Constinetine changing the Sabbath day of Worship to Sunday to incorporate the millions of pegans who were not fruitful to the church or the Government. The Sun worshiping Pagans (smart enough to know that life was continued by the Sun) worship nature and other idols. Many were a law unto themselfs, pagan by definition but a peaceful people. Christianity, founded on the Principal of a Great Prophet, became the 400ad Mass Marketed item. Million of dissenter of the Church, not given up the Sabbath to worship on Sunday and pay homage to the Government; seeing the intermingling, (in power and lust) fled; and other were subjected to the most mass murdered people in the history of the world. The first teaching to the Pagans were that "killing brutally dissenter (Christian by heart not by law) who did not bow to the change of unautorized SABBATH of 5000 years." The Church in the original latin records all this and does not deny it. AS predicticted by t he Mother Church, 200 years ago, you will return to us for you follow our traditions and law with no authorization from GOD, your diety. 86 % of Protestant Christian in AMerica agree now, they poll, with other inventions of the Church, (Imaculate Conception, Worship of Mary............
This is fully discussed by those who are planning the 2007 Constitutional Convention. The last was held on July 24, 1776. The Constituition will be reinstated as the Supreme Law of the Land, and those rights, many only "rules" or statutes funneling money through the BAR ( British Aliance Registry) with a history and details that are not disclosed. This convention is planned on the Grounds of the National Forest in SD under the Presidents Carved in Stone. People are uged to begin moving in that direction and making arrangement. Do not bring the young or elderly. Youths are welcome. This is a Convention.....Not a pilgramage or a Change of REsidence. Axis 1999 First Order was to call the people from the coastal cities first and then from the Cities. The scientist of the world cannot promise that the Polar Caps and the Ozone Layer will provice life on this planet as we know it even through this time of planning. National Forests may the be best places to live. Gobal communications and trade have show that many, take the constitution with them in an effort to survive it in a land or country whey they may migrate. November is the next release of Axis Order (SEE) press on this information. The AXIS Order is not available for questions. Only it has began, after thousands of years to release information that has been held in memories of unknown men around the world. It's structure is Frateral. 3 months will be given to establish proper order and emergency prepared ness. Security is Promise and Guaranteed in a World Alleance is my guess, but supreme, unquestions protection, Axis will have those in place to recognize intruders and syps. Thy will be transported safely and listed with orders to the City of the Levites to determine their Guilt at Treasonist. Any weapon, outbreak, or disorderly manner will not be tolerated. This is a convention of those who must answer the most Proverbial Riddles of the Past. This from AXIS, "WE HAVE TAKEN THE RAINBOW FROM THE SKY IN AMERICA, the promise of destruction by mass floodings cannot apply. The rainbow has been intrusted with a PEOPLE. When they ask of AXIS, "ARE WE THEY" their treasure will begin to unfold from thousands of years. "This infomation is not of my origin, I am only a voice in the world of convusion. " My life is in Jeapordy untill those who HOLD the rainbow seal recognize me and ask of the AXIS order and then the Sacred Test of Knowledge is Applied in a Location A the Chosen Holy Kaboo Land of the Levites.
by SIMON CORBIN June 09, 2006
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A guy who talked to some Jewish guys, some Christian guys, and some Islam guys, and accidentaly caused more people to die than anyone else in human history.
And people wonder why he doesn't talk much to us anymore.
by Squeed March 07, 2005
The reason I passed math.
Bless the lord! For I got a 65!
by Rattlesnake316 January 09, 2005
The universal scapegoat for forces yet to be explained, originating back to when man thought the wind was Satan farting.
Uuhhhmmmm... God did it?
by Lanan May 14, 2005
the most popular star in human history. loved, hated, or talked about by almost every person ever walked on earth.
theist: 'i love god, i think he's cool.'
atheist: 'god is a ridiculous idea, he doesn't even really exist.'
by eci December 29, 2005
The main character in the fiction work "The Bible."
And God replied: I am Who Am.
And Moses quickly corrected him saying that it should be I am Who Is. But God never was any good at grammar.
by Joe from DP February 06, 2005
An entity whose opinions on the consumption of pork has been a matter of hot debate amongst the world's religions.
Jew: "YHWH strictly forbids the consumption of pork."

Christian: "No He doesn't! Jesus and Paul took that law back a little while later."

Muslim: "Yes, He does forbid it, the Jew is right for once! Allah made this very clear 600 years after Jesus and Paul were alive!"

Pagan:"No, the gods do not forbid eating pork. In fact, we have to throw the bones of our slaughtered livestock into the communal bonfire to scare the demons away!"

Hindu:"Not true, the Dharmic law forbids eating any meat, including pork. Eating pork will only anger the gods."

Atheist:"I can't believe we're actually talking about stuff like this..."
by Jack Torrance-Overlook Hotel January 10, 2009
Large angry fairy-pixie in the sky. Refuses to show any evidence of his existence but will sentence you to an eternity of pain and burning if you do not accept it.
Abe was a good man, but he used God's name in vain, so he burned forever and ever.
by Rap Scholar March 28, 2005

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