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god = the unexplainable

god is everything we can't explain, therefor EVERYONE BELIEVES in him/her/it.
I call god a belief, religion starts where people try to explain the unexplainable.

until everything is explained, god is all, because even the slightest unexplainable fact may result in an "upside down world".
by ejk November 15, 2005
17 38
Universal scapegoat.
When people can't justify their actions through reality, they justify their actions through God.
by GoAskAlex1991 August 01, 2011
801 333
The Creator of the Universe in the hit universal comedy, Religeon.

See fiction
Preacher : And The Lord God Said, Be Fruitful And Multiply.
Woman at bar : Dude, that is THE lamest pickup line.
by Tazzahbee November 26, 2007
1165 814
Mankind's ultimate scapegoat.
We have FREE WILL. Don't blame GOD for the bullshit YOU create.
by the_anonymous_one April 15, 2007
1235 890
Apparently a being worth more than 356 urban dictionary definitions :D
Dude....my god, GOD has so many damn definitions!
by MyNameIsRemy June 10, 2007
828 502
a word used to brainwash.
Sunday school teacher: And on that day he created the universe...

Kid with a brain: Where did God live if there was no universe?

Sunday school teacher: He, uh, he...(head explodes)
by nick cal October 10, 2006
1648 1326
one of most popular words in urban dictionary
Did you know that the word god has over 500 definitions?
by thisnickisnotused February 06, 2010
544 233
The name given to a supernatural being in which millions place their faith. Regardless of the truth of his/her existance, just the thought that he/she might be there has given strength to many. However at the same time, God has been blamed for many possibly man-made mistakes (ex. mass murder in his/her name, when in fact most religious texts have something to the effect of "Do Not Kill.") In the end, belief is not something that can be forced upon anyone, but it is up to everyone to decide what they believe.
Crusader: We must reclaim the Holy Land!
God: Why?
Crusader: For your glory, we will kill the non-believers.
God: Hows about you hand me a coke and we'll call it even.
by Silentedge August 24, 2009
455 160