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you think kissin' god's feet will get you to heaven and not the other people? what is hell if god forgives are actions and has compassion? god loves us all right? at least thats wat beleivers say. anyways if i had 2 kids i wouldnt be only loving the one who kisses my ass. how lame... i cant get how people that beleive in god are so certain and sure that they are right. at least have a doubt. maybe there is some force cause i dont know how the f*** the universe was made but cut the loving and peacefull guy crap. and how the f*** that special guy was made? he just appeared like that. I never saw him so i cant say that he exist..but im not gonna kiss anyones ass cause maybe hes there. what is jesus have to do wit this? the son of god....plz....get ur s*** straight, god makes some people to kill eachother, then send them to hell, if god made me, if i kill someone, dont blame me, god didnt created me with the capacity of sustain myself. so now i have to go to hell? come on...what kind of illogical s*** is that. he cant blame me, nobody told me the purpose of life was love and peace. you only learn that in human society. its all about survival, good example, animals, w/e they need for survival, its the instincs, eat, sleep and fight other animals or same species that will sometimes lead to death. now ur only excuse would be that he made us wit free will...nigga plz, that would be too perfect, and its not, since we got mental illness and retards that can only ''sit on their ass and scrap off their hairchest while looking at you screaming GNN, GNN!.
God made humans, animals, every little dot in ur eyes, all ur body system. So perfect, yet, killing for no reasons all over the planet. why god wouldn be able to make it perfect everywhere if he designed every peice of my brain.

everyone that says that god is great because he gave us a life, im suppose to thank that? ROFL gg owned thx

set ur mind straight thats the only thing that matters
''war and hate''
by deep4life November 15, 2005
A guy who talked to some Jewish guys, some Christian guys, and some Islam guys, and accidentaly caused more people to die than anyone else in human history.
And people wonder why he doesn't talk much to us anymore.
by Squeed March 07, 2005
The reason I passed math.
Bless the lord! For I got a 65!
by Rattlesnake316 January 09, 2005
The universal scapegoat for forces yet to be explained, originating back to when man thought the wind was Satan farting.
Uuhhhmmmm... God did it?
by Lanan May 14, 2005
the most popular star in human history. loved, hated, or talked about by almost every person ever walked on earth.
theist: 'i love god, i think he's cool.'
atheist: 'god is a ridiculous idea, he doesn't even really exist.'
by eci December 29, 2005
The main character in the fiction work "The Bible."
And God replied: I am Who Am.
And Moses quickly corrected him saying that it should be I am Who Is. But God never was any good at grammar.
by Joe from DP February 06, 2005
Large angry fairy-pixie in the sky. Refuses to show any evidence of his existence but will sentence you to an eternity of pain and burning if you do not accept it.
Abe was a good man, but he used God's name in vain, so he burned forever and ever.
by Rap Scholar March 28, 2005
God, the omniscient, primordial and eternal who created man in his own image and therefore posseses a digestive system, sense organs, limbs and other attributes that would be useless to an immortal being. If God came first, what would he eat or walk upon? Why would he have those five senses if nothing to sense yet existed? And if he has 'always' been here, how long did he sit around doing nothing until he decided to invent the Universe? And why? And if he hadn't yet invented the universe, what exactly was he sitting on? Where is he going to exist if there is nothing to exist in? And what is wrong with the idea that we all just expire and disintegrate and rot?
God help us.
by Jon December 26, 2003