A supreme, infinite being who Atheists and others continually try to disprove yet always fail.
You cant disprove it so lets all just agree evolution isnt fact.
by Fishbap and Cheese April 30, 2005
1. Harry Mishkin
2. Jaco Pastorius, Herbie Hancock, Doug Pinnick, any black man with a good amount of funk and soul.
1. Harry Mishkin is God. He has done everything.
2. Have you listened to Headhunters? Herbie Hancock is god!
by Tobey March 20, 2004
An invention of humankind because man didn't want to deal with his own problems, so they invented god to solve them and use an excuse to kill muslims and burn witches.
"Oh my god"
"Praise god"
"God loves us"
"God-dammit bobby"
by M.Savage May 10, 2008
"better" than humanism

I kill da cocksuckas, i burn da muslisms, shit, i rob the poor even blinder and make sure people like Oprah become billionare!!!

Free will is to many atheists as god is to believers. Without it, they would all lose hope and OD.
by gaymulkan May 21, 2003
You pray by pressing the Search button located on google.com, google toolbar, the search box in firefox, google desktop and im feeling lucky.
I pray for firefox and God gave it to me!
by michael November 14, 2004
to me, god is a giant cheeseburger...and i must dance around cheeseburgers and then eat them to appease my god.
i can do this cuz it's my right to
"oh my god, this cheeseburger is great!"
by ian g. June 29, 2004
Imaginary father figure invented to help people deal with the meaninglessness of their lives.
"Don't worry, just because your a pizza-faced freak, God still loves you"
by Durrikan May 31, 2004
nothing and everythign in the same. I would like to point out that God did not bleed for us, Jeses did. God hasn't given us shit since we killed off his " Son".

Non existant.
I don't have a god, i just make fun of yours.
by Dennis May 25, 2004
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