A supreme, infinite being who Atheists and others continually try to disprove yet always fail.
You cant disprove it so lets all just agree evolution isnt fact.
by Fishbap and Cheese April 30, 2005
A divine figure, featured in pretty much every religion. Whether you believe in it or not is up to you.
The romans had many gods.
by Some guy March 26, 2004
The reason for anything currently unexplained or unknown.
What is the origin of life? God, at least until we find the real reason.
by FlareNUKE August 23, 2006
Some say he doesn't exist, others say he is indifferent. Still others say he is the picture of love and he is all-powerful. Some claim to follow him but don't truly do it, some scoff at his followers, and a rare handful of people actually follow him.
Look at a true believer to see what this is like. They are supposed to be an example of God's love.
by Karo-san August 21, 2009
The person who threw the water bottle at Justin Bieber's head.
That bitch was God!
by jakens88 August 12, 2010
A cool and froody guy. Shame about the assholes that think he is a great excuse to kill some people (what the fuck was the Crusades about!!?!?!?)
God: Thou Shalt Not Kill.
(six months later)....
God: I said, Thou Shalt NOT Kill, Doofus!!
by D June 17, 2004
A word that theists and atheists alike, scream about.
Theist: PRAISE (Insert the name of the god(dess)(es/s)here) IF YOU DON'T YOU WILL (Insert punishment adminstered for not worshiping the god(dess)(es/s)

Atheist: YOU ARE A (Insert blatant insult here) FOR EVEN CONSIDERING TO BELIEVE IN (Insert the name of the god(dess)(es/s)'s name here)
by Aeschere December 14, 2006
The third 'word' in the phrase guaranteed to be used by any woman who has won, or ever will win, any radio contest:
And, it's almost always reiterated three times.
Radio announcer: "This is KRAC- You're our hundred caller! Congratulations!
Winning contestant: !!!OH MY GODDD!!!
Radio announcer: That's right, you won! What's your name?
Winning contestant: !!!OH MY GODDD!!! uhhh, Dakota??!?
Radio announcer: Dakota, how would you and a friend like to see Matchbox 20 Thursday nite?!
Winning contestant: !!!!!!OH MY GODDD!!!!! (delivered with extra screechy-ness)
Radio announcer: (thinking, "god, I hate my job")
by sgtsixpack June 22, 2003

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