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A supreme, infinite being who Atheists and others continually try to disprove yet always fail.
You cant disprove it so lets all just agree evolution isnt fact.
by Fishbap and Cheese April 30, 2005
An entity whose opinions on the consumption of pork has been a matter of hot debate amongst the world's religions.
Jew: "YHWH strictly forbids the consumption of pork."

Christian: "No He doesn't! Jesus and Paul took that law back a little while later."

Muslim: "Yes, He does forbid it, the Jew is right for once! Allah made this very clear 600 years after Jesus and Paul were alive!"

Pagan:"No, the gods do not forbid eating pork. In fact, we have to throw the bones of our slaughtered livestock into the communal bonfire to scare the demons away!"

Hindu:"Not true, the Dharmic law forbids eating any meat, including pork. Eating pork will only anger the gods."

Atheist:"I can't believe we're actually talking about stuff like this..."
by Jack Torrance-Overlook Hotel January 10, 2009
The voice that talks to you from the announcement speaker.
"Cleanup in aisle 1!"
"God? Is that you?"
by strawberryjello March 04, 2006
dog backwards.
person1:"Hey look its god"

person 2: "No thats a dog"
by person874563 June 08, 2009
level 99 white mage
God casts level 5 world flood, many things die
by dungeon master May 04, 2004
You can't see him because he is not there.
Brasil: So, you're saying that God is the only way to eternal salvation?
HyunGyum: Yeah man, God is all loving and he will save you.
Brasil: Then, why does God make bad people go unpunished?
HyunGyum: hmm...
Brasil: Why doesn't God save the hungry children of the world? That doesn't sound like the "all-loving God" I have heard so much about.
HyunGyum: ...
Brasil: That's right! God doesn't do all of that because he doesn't exist!

Atheists: 1
Believers: 0
by BrasilStyle May 05, 2009
Man's most deadly creation.
billions of people have died in the name of god
by b3n February 13, 2005
a widely known imaginary friend
mommy i didnt do it god did it
by Anonymous May 14, 2003