a group of people consisting of st. mary's church youth who hang out at least 3 times a week, including wednesdays mostly. although they are in tune with God, most people can not recognize that this group of unrespectful, drama-filled, confident teenagers even know what the word God means. They call themselves the God Squad, and everyone else better watch out.
Hey mom, i was at the church today and the God Squad started a fight in the parking lot.
by nick110288 October 13, 2005
a campus religious organization
She wouldn't be caught dead hanging out with the god squad. After all, she is a secularist.
by The Return of Light Joker February 07, 2009
a gang from northern New Jersey led by Kid Foster. They get revenge on people who harm other people in the community.
-how the fuck did a dead squirrel get in my locker?
-the god squad must have found you stole that iPod.
by godsquad July 17, 2008
Group of slutty and rude girls who think they are so good, that the teachers at school treat them with more respect than they would treat God himself (hence the name) Shitty, arrogant and snobby, they spend their time sucking the dicks of bad musicians, musicians as equally rude and as arrogant as they are. They think they are movie stars and celebrities and behave accordingly. Avoid if you can.
They travel in packs of 4, with three clones and an outsider they never really liked anyway.
by It's Anthony April 18, 2004
the religion crazed person that runs ASB
Thought God Squad may be our asb prez...she totally sucks
by kdrjsf April 28, 2006
group of girls in the hamptons that stalk Evil Jeff and refuse to date B-Ray. they enjoy taking dirty pictures of themselves and annoying the crap out of everyone around them.
"Yo aim at the God Squad"
"did you see that, i hit the bitch in the face with a huge spitball"
by wannabe gangsta foshizzle January 25, 2005

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