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Pronounced Göh-bêr-ntß
1. noun - a person who has a high dependencey on alcohol, cannot live without it, and has developed a high tolerance of consuming large quantities of alcohol, see 'alcoholic'

2. adjective - a secret desire to try ekkies.

3. noun - A great, sexy, attractice person who will finger his best friends in the ass, play with their dicks, have sword fights when they get drunk, sleep in their jocks with their best mates and still have the nerve to call himself straight in front of his lover (who happens to be of the same sex.

4. noun - Just a weird-ass german name that no one can pronounce or has heard before.
1. Dude you need to slow down or ur gonna become a fuckin' dropkick Gobernatz.

2. leprechaun: What's up with you?
guy: I got gobernatz munchies lad.
leprechaun: Here, have some extacy,
guy: Gee thank you, your a such swell leprechaun =]

3. Quit touching my dick Gobernatz.

4. taxi driver: check out this weird-ass name, Goganats, wtf?
passenger: it's Gobernatz u sad fuck.
by Zach de la Rocha March 18, 2008
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