when a male pulls his pants down, bends over, and shakes his package. The view of the hanging sac of manhood resembles a turkey's gobbler (turkey gobble - gobble sounds encourage)
commonly found at Millersville University in Pennsylvania from 1994 - 1998
by City March 31, 2005
When a man ejaculates on a woman's chin so to create a dangling string thingy like that of a turkey.
"Damn Son,this bitch would swallow so i busted a nut right on her chin and gave her a nice little gobbler."
by Jakemasta Flex August 25, 2003
the act of swallowing an entire load protein wash
Damn!!!That bitch straight gobbled the chowder like a true professional!
by fuckerIdid April 30, 2003
when you bend over and shake your butt and your nuts shake between you legs
Dude, look at Sam's gobbler!
by Sarah Cooper April 18, 2005
An oversized (lond) clitoris, almost resembling a penis.
"I was going down on this chick the other night, man did she had a gobbler."
by Trent October 13, 2003
girl that has extra skin hanging from her neck and jerks off guys with it. (girl from ocean twp. cna do this)
damn that bitch from 8th period gave me a gobbler and rip my penis apart.
by sam kay April 08, 2005
Someone, usually of Dutch decent who thinks the fastest way to Ketosis is gobbling down a Big Mac and fries, topped off with a Fillet 'o Fish
That dude Patrick, trying to get buff, but he's such a Gobbler
by Shatrick Ketoboy August 09, 2016
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