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When a guy moons someone and shows a little extra (balls).
A guy pulled a gobbler out the bus window.
by brainiaxe April 21, 2009
when a male pulls his pants down, bends over, and shakes his package. The view of the hanging sac of manhood resembles a turkey's gobbler (turkey gobble - gobble sounds encourage)
commonly found at Millersville University in Pennsylvania from 1994 - 1998
by City March 31, 2005
a whore who licks every dick she can dig up
there is a Playboy show called 18&ready...the girls are finally 18 and they can work for Playboy. they get jobs like BLOW... so blow jobs.
She licked 3 guys dicks! What a gobbler!

At dinner, i was gobbling my turkey. This gobbler under the table was gobbling my dick....
by Weschel Jecone July 20, 2009
*When you think of Homo, this might pop into your mind.
**Man, that is so gobbler.
***Wow, such a gobbler move.
by Cribs. January 26, 2009
they person who eats the bodily fluids and excrement in the process of munging
dude you lost the bet you have to be the gobbler this weekend
by johnnywright September 21, 2007
Someone who sucks more than most other people. A person that does in fact suck the cock or acts like one who sucks the cock.
Look at that gobbler in the pink polo with the popped collar.
by ogie_ogelthorp August 30, 2005
The act of a group of people tapping the forehead of a passed out loser with their penis'.
Usually occurs on a football trip away or a bucks weekend.

Also known as a Turkey Slap.
Oi boys, Petey's passed out, let's give him a Gobbler and tape it for his wedding video.
by Turkey Pete May 02, 2005