someone who has a passion for gropping another man's ball sack and/or penis
Man, Morgan and Adam were some hardcore gobblers in physics class today!
by DevilCreeper69 June 03, 2009
(Gobbla') when your balls hang out of the hole in your boxers.
this is extremely rare and should be celebrated with song and dance. do not fix. let it attend to its natural course. diction by powers. refer to melvin.
damnit i got a gobbler. i need to fix that shit.
by behrend October 07, 2007
A practical joke where the joker allows his scrotum to get a nasty bright red sunburn, then drapes it over a sleeping/drunk victim's nose, where it resembles a male turkey, then snaps several pictures to humiliate the person when they wake/sober up.
Dude I gave Lloyd a serious Gobbler last night when he passed out!!!
by lasexoristo July 06, 2006
extra skin that hangs from your chin,

looks like a double chin
"wow that girl has a huge gobbler!"
by yamumma (; March 11, 2010
While having sex with a girl doggie style, upon insertion of penis into the vaginal canal insert thumb into anus with fingers pointed up, thus resembling a turkey for thanksgiving.
Jane seemed pleasantly surprised when I gave her a gobbler last night.
by Mustang Mike November 23, 2009
someone who likes gobbling things such as cock, shit, and other household things (fire extinguisher)
omg that sam kid she's a gobbler
by JAYZ886 November 17, 2009
1. Someone who takes a lot of points in a game of Hearts and/or swallows copious amounts of semen. Accomplished gobblers can do both at the same time.
Player 1. Get ready to take a shitload of points on this hand, Gobbler!

Player 2. Get ready to take a load of spooge down your throat, Gobbler!
by PeeBee January 18, 2004

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