When one makes noises during fellatio and results in sounding like a turkey. This is generally related to the eagerness the individual has for "gobbling" the cock.
Last night Stacy really got into giving me head; I could tell because she was a real gobbler.
by Chadderina December 01, 2013
When you whine too much because taking care of ur own kid(s) is too much work so you automatically assume someone else will do it for you.
Walking down the road with a friend and her kids. Friend says I hope im not being a gobbler
by Nunyabizlol June 12, 2013
a heavy-set woman with extra skin hanging from her chin resembling a gobbler of a turkey
What's that under that fat chicks chin? It's her gobbler.
by Steven Andrew Wattsir February 06, 2011
extra skin that hangs from your chin,

looks like a double chin
"wow that girl has a huge gobbler!"
by yamumma (; March 11, 2010
someone who likes gobbling things such as cock, shit, and other household things (fire extinguisher)
omg that sam kid she's a gobbler
by JAYZ886 November 17, 2009
When a guy moons someone and shows a little extra (balls).
A guy pulled a gobbler out the bus window.
by brainiaxe April 21, 2009
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