Gobbler refers to a person partaking in the art of gobbling, of which many variations are present. The most notable presentation of the previously mentioned craft was performed by the mysterious man appearing in a web video on "merryholidays.org", whom therefore is simply referred to as "the gobbler".

Many tales are present about the origin of the betold video, of which one states that the gobbler is an ex army member.

By analyzing the video material one could reproduce the act of gobbling, though only a few reach mastery in this complicated craft.

To properly gobble on par with the gobbler, it requires a variety of resources:
a bucket
a turkey(from here on referred to as Mrs. Turkey)
a banana
a paddle
a blow up doll "type man"
a blow up doll "type pig"
a pumpkin(from here on referred to as Mr. Pumpkin)
a spanking partner
a pair of boots
a christmas hat
a tape copy of "who let the dogs out"

The act of gobbling would take a long time to elaborate on here are some shouting quotes which are quint essential for obtaining mastery:

"gobble, gobble!"
"And Mrs. Turkey came to visit!"
"Fuck me Mr. Pumpkin."
"Yes sir."
"gobble, gobble, gobble!"
Gobbler: Gobble, Gobble!
by Mr.Pumpkin June 30, 2012
A sexual act in which the male leaves a humongous hickey upon the female's neck, resulting in the female having an appearance of being strangled.
Dan: Hey did you hear about Jack and Katie last night?
Brady: No, I didn't what happened?
Dan: He gave her such a huge gobbler that I thought she had been strangled. She'll have to wear turtlenecks for a couple weeks

Example 2:

He gobblered so hard I think he popped an artery.
by DickZuba January 23, 2011
Another word for crazy or insane. Sort of like the concept of getting attacked by a flock of gobbling turkeys.
Guy 1: My girlfriend just got eaten by a giant squid!

Guy 2: That's gobblers!
by TheFifthAce January 19, 2010
Seasonal sandwich from Wawa (South New Jersey store equivalent to a 7-11) offered from about early November to Thanksgiving. It has turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce on a roll. It is like a whole Thanksgiving dinner you can eat on a roll.
Oh Snap! Wawa has their delicious Gobbler sandwich back!
by ohsnapitsjess November 01, 2009
There are many definitions of gobbler, but the best one is:

The act of sneaking up on a guy and tickling the bottom of his scrotum(nut-sack) from behind. If done right, the guy getting the gobbler should giggle because it tickles really bad.
Hey Shawn, can distract Ben so i can give him a really bad gobbler?
by Tyler-GREENMAN September 30, 2010
When a girl is so skinny that her clit hangs out of her vagina.
What the hell?!?! That skinny bitch has a gobbler! Disgusting!!
by fukmaster312 December 25, 2006
the "double-chin" or the fat beneath the chinbone. Derived from the skin that roosters have under their beaks. Subject Example: Brian Sweeney.
Dude you have a massive gobbler!
by Joseph J May 28, 2003

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