female fans of the Pennsylvannia based band The Danger o's based on their song "The Go Girls a Go Go"
The West Chester scene kids are mostly go girls
by Kitty D. September 12, 2006
Top Definition
Go Girl - (noun) a woman so beautiful that she can make people stop when she walks by. A "Go Girl" works hard for her money. She has at least 2 different men that want her. She can blow your mind and keep it hood all while still acting like a respectable woman. She couldn't be stopped even if she wanted to.
see.. Ciara feat. T-Pain - Go Girl

'Cause I be going on 'em,
Ooh they couldn't stop if they wanted to
That's why they call me
I'm the Energizer, PlayBoy bunny, I keep going and going
And you know it, that's why they call me
Please let me know, if you really want mo'
I can take it to the flo'
Sit back, relax, enjoy the show,
Call me baby I can be your Go-Girl
by Sopey Sope February 27, 2009
a female who goes hard for what she wants and believes in .She simply dusts all the hate and negativity off her shoulders and keeps it moving . Because she knows who she is and what she is about and wont let anyone stop her from reaching the highest level she possibly CAN!
"That Ciara Harris is Such a Go Girl ..wow i strive to be like her"
by Jelani Saltibus November 13, 2008
Sugar free energy drink from West Sacramento, CA. comes in two different flavors. Pink and Blue. Pink is sugar free and only has 3 calories, and tasted like strawberry soda. Blue has 35 calories, and has aloe and other vitamins in it for your skin, tastes like pomegranite and star fruit
i'm so tired, i need a go girl.
by Chelsea0000 October 28, 2008
A go girl is a female pimp
Term used in Ciara's "Go Girl" single
Go girls go pop, pop, pop like a toaster
by RooRo January 01, 2009
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