Having received oral sex from a little person.
"Remember that little person I was flirting with at the bar last night? Dude, I took her back to my place and I totally got gnomed."
by Aly Shaw February 12, 2008
Top Definition
When a person of far lesser social standing, size, weight or mental capacity achieves a massive victory of wit, force or cunning against you.
That redneck just gnomed you when he got you to pay for his petrol by sticking fake numbers on the pumps
by Narcoleptic Otter May 09, 2014
(for females) To have the infamous Photognome place one of his stickers upon you and take a photo of you or pose with you for one. Also to be hugged, picked up, cuddled, or otherwise gnome-handled.

(for males) To have the above happen to your woman.
The number of beautiful happily Gnomed women in the south-east is steadily on the rise!

by Photognome April 30, 2006
"Gnomed" a term for anal sex. Normally proformed using a 'bendy straw'.
Squeeky awoke with a sticky behind, and thumped Alex for having Gnomed him while he slept
by Shmalzzz April 04, 2008
Gnomed; to be Owned by a Gnome.

See; Owned.
*Gnome Warrior hits you for 987 points of melee damage*
*You die*

Person2: LOL! u got GNOMED!11
by Moola February 22, 2005
Extreme intoxication resulting from consumption of adult beverages - taking a person to a state of intoxication where they are no longer coherent or function with the blank drunk stare on their face, resembling an inanimate lawn gnome.
Man 1 - "Dude, what happened to you last night?"
Man 2 - "Bro I was totally gnomed"
by The Sledgehammer October 14, 2007
A word used to show superiority over another. Meaining that you "own" (gnome) them A vatiation of "owned" similar to the phrase "u got served".
You got gnomed right dur.
by jbhitter24 October 02, 2005
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