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(for females) To have the infamous Photognome place one of his stickers upon you and take a photo of you or pose with you for one. Also to be hugged, picked up, cuddled, or otherwise gnome-handled.

(for males) To have the above happen to your woman.
The number of beautiful happily Gnomed women in the south-east is steadily on the rise!

by Photognome April 30, 2006
113 62
"Gnomed" a term for anal sex. Normally proformed using a 'bendy straw'.
Squeeky awoke with a sticky behind, and thumped Alex for having Gnomed him while he slept
by Shmalzzz April 04, 2008
65 16
Gnomed; to be Owned by a Gnome.

See; Owned.
*Gnome Warrior hits you for 987 points of melee damage*
*You die*

Person2: LOL! u got GNOMED!11
by Moola February 22, 2005
28 55
Having received oral sex from a little person.
"Remember that little person I was flirting with at the bar last night? Dude, I took her back to my place and I totally got gnomed."
by Aly Shaw February 12, 2008
8 41
Extreme intoxication resulting from consumption of adult beverages - taking a person to a state of intoxication where they are no longer coherent or function with the blank drunk stare on their face, resembling an inanimate lawn gnome.
Man 1 - "Dude, what happened to you last night?"
Man 2 - "Bro I was totally gnomed"
by The Sledgehammer October 14, 2007
2 45
A word used to show superiority over another. Meaining that you "own" (gnome) them A vatiation of "owned" similar to the phrase "u got served".
You got gnomed right dur.
by jbhitter24 October 02, 2005
4 59