a phrase combining the words "you know what i'm saying?" for easy typing and ridiculous entertainment
that was a really fun night, gnomesayin'?

i just peed my pants, gnomesayin'?

your girlfriend is pretty dough, gnomesayin'?
by merrydeath March 01, 2009
Top Definition
Proper spelling of the popular phrase "Know what I'm sayin"
I'd like to get face from her erry day, gnome sayin!
by paddywack November 16, 2005
How black people say " you now what I'm saying" but you will never ever know what someone is saying if they say gnome sayin.
BP: Gnome sayin? WP: Uhhmm yea sure man. WP to WP@2: What the fuck did he say ?
by saharadryhumor January 09, 2015
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