Too ravenously ingest food at an alarming rate.
The very cold girl in my office gnarffed down her lunch in the hopes that her quick movement would generate body heat.
by Firebaum April 18, 2007
Top Definition
1. charecter on the old tv show "thundercats"
2. phrase used by pinky on tv show pinky and the brain
3. coolest phrase like...EVER can be used for anything
1. Gnarf! quick! we need your help
2. haha d'oh brain...GNARF
3. (online conversation)
me: hi
me: sup
you: nothing, u?
me: nothing
(three mins past)
me: GNARF!
by twitching_cheerio January 30, 2005
n. - A high-five given in exchange for fucking someone.

v. - Giving someone a high-five in exchange for them fucking someone.
Guy 1: I just fucked Megan!
Guy 2: Dude Gnarf! (High-five is exchanged)

Guy 1: Did you fuck anyone?
Guy 2: No....
Guy 1: No Gnarf for you (High-five is not exchanged)
by The Shaq Attack April 27, 2009
A person who farts in the bathtub and bites the bubbles.
Dream loves to gnarf when she takes a bath.
by incognito tiger September 28, 2006
An idiot for jerk that you want to stay away from
Bobby is such a gnarf! Nobody wants to be around him.
by Dlee July 01, 2013
to suck on something (such as a penis)
can be used in discreet situations, without offending anyone.
Gnarf on my Hawg (suck my dick)
by mr. weasel July 13, 2006
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