Very cool marbles (gnar - old slang term for very cool).
WOW!! You have so many gnarbles.
by Juan Hernandiaz April 30, 2006
Top Definition
A deep sea creature that's never been seen by a human.
The gnarble is a weak swimmer due to its thin tail.
by Jack Mackerel August 03, 2011
To simultaneously have cock and balls in your mouth
Hey man can you Gnarble my nuts?
by Rustinpeace23 September 12, 2012
Any nasty, thick, blood-like substance. Basically used to describe anything viscous and gross.
Guy 1- So I did this Polish chick on her period last night.

Guy 2- Dude, sick. You probably got all kinds of gnarble on yer wiener.
by billiardpenis9 August 02, 2009

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