a big blob of fat
john-why is there a blob of fat sitting there
bob-thats glynn
by Todd June 25, 2003
Top Definition
To Masterbate infront of a desk fan, then ejaculate into it and let it spray all over your self, and then have your dog lick it off
When Scott Glynns its very nasty, but he enjoys the hell out of it
by Mikey December 01, 2004
Definition of AMAZING. Glynns are hilarious, smart, sweet, and a little bit of sexy all bundled up in one girl. If you ever get the chance of meeting a glynn, defenitly try to become friends with her. You won't regret it!
Girl: "OH MY GOD ITS A GLYNN!......hi."

Guy: "I wanna tap that....hey cute thing."
by stargirl25 March 06, 2013
An english teacher with a void visa and a full set of tackle.
theres a rather big lump in Glynns trousers.......
by masterofrpg February 26, 2004
when your visa runs out and you get deported
'damn, my visa glynned last night, gotta go back to kazachstan'
by Xavious? March 05, 2004
1)A rugby playing butch lesbian illegal immigrant from New Zealand. With a penis.
"Dude, you most totally just sat in some glynn"
"aww shit nigga, that one glynn'd up dawg"
by tha wun an only fiash March 03, 2004
a handsome attractive man that understands the engineering of the female body and how to use it to it's full potential.

a man with a large penis.

a man that could suck his own penis if he tried... but decided the thought of having a penis in his mouth far outweighed the pelsure of having his penis sucked.

a dude!.
oh! Glynn i'm gunna cum for the 12th time!

if glynn where here he could make me cum.

dude, your more than a dude, your almost as good as glynn
by frank fan of glynn April 02, 2004
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