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An extremely run down shit hole excuse for a high school in southeastern Georgia. A problem would be solved if the whole place were just demolished and a new school built in a safer area, but the idiot alumni insist on continuing to restore it no matter how much of the tax payer's money they waste.
Jan: "So Kelly, I heard you go to school at glynn academy."
Kelly: "Yes unfortunatley with a bunch of stuck up jerks and what not."
by seasons21 March 08, 2010
An old high school in Georgia that dates back to uh . . . who cares? The students include mostly dumb southern redneck wannabe white wiggers. The guys for example are a bunch of preps who mostly wear polo shirts, khaki, shorts, and topsiders.They drive retarded gas guzzling pick up trucks with the confederate flag posted on their front license plate, while having rap music booming on their bass at the same time. (And I have no idea why they call each other nigga. It sounds fucking stupid.) The girls on the other hand... are a bunch of wanna be preppy whores who will go down on anyone to be a part of what they consider to be the “popular crowd”. They mostly consist of a bitchy group of sluts in a sorority known as Pirates of the Spanish Main. There are also cheerleaders who can't even do a fucking backflip for goodness sake, Lord knows how they got on the team. They too wear polo shirts and carry an attitude that'll make you wanna slap the shit outta them. Yep Glynn Academy is a school that is caught in confusion. Rap and Country music don't mix at all. Plus taking pride in the redneck mentality is what the rest of the world makes fun of the south for. And the real actually BLACK gangstas would make most of you preps look like a piece of raw meat if they saw how you so idiotically try to imitate them.
Brent- Yo man I is so gangsta, I'll be the flyest nigga at glynn academy. Check out these rims on my Ford F-1 Fiftaaaaaayyy!
by polkadots24 April 29, 2011
A little shit made school that can't be renovated into a new school because it allegedly has a title for the 3rd oldest school in the country. The teachers are unprofessional. There are kids known as "dirt kids" that wear camo to school and dip in the bathroom between classes during the 5 minute break. The preppy "cool" kids are either smoking weed or snorting blow. Most of the attractive girls are sluts and hook up with everyone so it's easy to get your dick sucked if you're a male.. If you want your high school diploma from Glynn Academy, just make sure you attend the first day of school your senior year so you're registered and you no longer have to attend each day.
"Dude are you trying to leave Glynn Academy in my new Audi to go do a couple lines and go to soccer practice?"- connor
by abcdefg09876 September 12, 2015
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