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A "glue gun" sticks two things together.
"Glue-gunning" means "to use a glue gun.
"Love" "glue-gunning" means to use a figurative glue gun to stick two people together,
or at least specific parts of their anatomy.
I'm just stunnin' with my love-glue-gunning
by No-bru July 08, 2009
This is a sexual practice maintained by homosexuals in which one male's ejaculatory fluid (semen, spunk, cum, jizz, sperm, load) is used as lubrication on another man's penis. This method of lubrication may then be utilized to allow aid in penetrative anal sex, or simply to enhance hand relief (wank, handjob)

While more commonly practiced than most hetrosexuals would imagine by the general homosexual public, the act of gluegunning can also be seen in many gay pornographic workings.
Person 1: Oh fuck, he just jizzed and then rubbed it all over that other guys dick...then shoved it up his ass!

Person 2: It's called gluegunning, son!
by Jace Jackson August 10, 2009
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