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Glue stick can be used as a cover for rude or suggestive activities which would be inappropriate for all audiences. However , the reader may be pleased to know that I have the true definition for it.

Glue stick is merely a simple pritt stick which when mentioned to certain individuals causes much hysteria and laughter as they remember a time when life was simple with no stress of girlfriends , boyfriends or exams.

The word glue stick is really a symbol for friendship and a time of innocence and naivity which is hard to find in the big bad world.
Person 1 : Glue stick!!!

by vitsy August 16, 2010
A sexual act where a cum-covered penis is wiped around a girl or guys mouth like a glue stick, and after getting the surface area all sticky a fake mustache is stuck on.
"I gave my girlfriend a Glue Stick last night and I laughed cos she looked like Joe Dirt."

"You're a dick."
by JohnEBlaze August 01, 2009
A penis that is currently cumming. The tip will be white and sticky like a glue stick.
I just ejaculated, and told that bitch to suck my glue stick
by robspa January 14, 2009
To cum on a girls back then stick her to the carpet.
I gluesticked her last night
by japraptor March 21, 2005
Someone that uses excessive amounts of shiny hair gel in there head.
"that person looks like they're a glue stick with the amount of gel in his hair!"
by Samuel K March 26, 2008
To penetrate and/or enlarge the ear with the male penis.
Dude, I just glue sticked your mom last night. No joke.
by Mark December 10, 2004