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A tasty snack
I eat glue
by March 29, 2004
127 73
Something you use to stick something to something.
Hey, you got some glue I can use to put this on my paper?
by Yo' momma! November 07, 2003
201 76
Drug of choice for the following disadvantaged groups such as
Street Kids and impoverished minority's (ie. Aborigine's).
Jimmy bought sum glue and got hooked on huffing it from a plastic bag. Jimmy was dead 2 years later.
by Diego November 13, 2003
182 83
A cheap high; often discovered in middle school.
Boy 1 - "Hey, Sherman, what's wrong with you?"
Boy 2 - "GGNGnggNNGGO! GLU! GLU! URgggRRGGgg..." *passes out*
by Tommy Wommy Womsters September 16, 2003
129 37
Another word for intercourse. Other variations are 'Glueing' and 'Glued'. Normally said in context of a joke, rather than being serious.
Taxi driver shouting to a girl on the street: "Alright love, I've got a bloke in the back who wants to glue you!"
by GRB March 05, 2012
13 8
something to get high off of.
I sniffed the glue, then i was high.
by emdizzle22 July 22, 2006
37 34
The act of having sex.
Liam: here, that fat ginger you shagged last night was mingin'
coco: Glues glue lad
Liam: fair play
by Spunkmuffin February 16, 2011
15 14