like sucking only super powerful
Ben Afflack super glucked in Pearl Harbor.
She didn't just suck it son she glucked it.
by Your moms boyfriend November 17, 2009
The act of being tickled underneath the chin area.
Hannah glucked Stephanie and Amanda in the driveway with her hand.
by Stephhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh September 05, 2008
- verb (used with object)
1. To mischieviously acquire and possess a good that does not belong to you.

- verb (used without an object)
2. To fabricate a slew of outrageous alibis that directly conflict with one another in order to clear one's name of thieverous accusations.
3. To resort to using your mother to clear your name of thieverous accusations.

- noun
4. A thief who carelessly flaunts his stolen goods in front of their rightful owners.
5. A person who sketches out the sluttiest of girls.
1. "Who glucked my ipod?"
2 & 3. "I tried to gluck my way out of a speeding ticket but the officer just wasn't having it."
4. "Dude what a Gluck, I'm pretty sure that's my iPod he's listening to."
5. "Dude if you don't stop being such a Gluck these girls are never gonna come back here."
by Fogel McLovin December 12, 2007
One who is decidedly bad at sliding across desks with surface areas too small for such an accomplishment.
Joe pulled a Gluck the other day

Yeah, what a n00b
by xpestilencex February 22, 2009
Gluck - to take something either yours or stolen and trade it for drugs..
EXAMPLE -Watch, T. V, rings, jewlery and trade it for drugs.
My loser brother stole my favorite expensive Movado watch and glucked it for some marijuana.
by iPhone5670 January 25, 2008
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