1. the written form of the sound urban folks make when clicking their tongue with attitude

verb. to put someone in check
(as sound or affirmation) "I just told her to shut up, GLUCK!"

(as verb) "She is out of control, somebody needs to GLUCK her"
by boobootime February 26, 2010
Top Definition
The sound someone makes when they are giving a hilariously rough blow job. Gluckers can be identified by their runny mascara and repeated gagging.
I busted the hugest Peter North four roper when I watched that new gluck video.
by Rapefactory420 November 19, 2008
Contraction meaning "good luck".
Man 1: I'm'a go take my test now.
Man 2: G'luck.
by Riyaan October 26, 2010
An Irish phrase used to say good-bye, Americans say have a nice day,but Irish know there is struggle in the world , so we say G'luck
Right lads , i'm leaving , g'luck
by James Mc Dermot January 25, 2008
Contraction for "good luck". Frequently used in the context of AIM for convenience.
"Hey, gluck on ur exam tomorrow."
by Ptiger08 March 20, 2006
Pronounced (gl-OO-K)

Noun: German composer who performed over 100 operas.
To cause disdain, hatred and love amongst anyone you say the word to. Ex. I'm so angry with your right now, you damn Gluck.

Also, the spirit that enters your body after doing a shot of Jameson. Ex. What the gluck came over me, gimme another one of those.

A semi poo. Occurring when you sit on the toilet for a long period of time, and you think you put in work. Only to turn around and see one small pebble of kibble poop in the toilet.
by roselips January 25, 2011
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