Also known as "The Great God Glub", this elder deity is revered by old denizens of alt.tasteless and citizens of the darker bowers of the internet.
Pierre is the Prophet of the Great God Glub.
by Sergeant Zeno April 24, 2005
Top Definition
A girl that you meet at a club and realize upon further inspection that she is not as attractive as you first thought.
Guy 1: Dude, I started dancing with this hot girl, then when we left the club, I realized she was a total glub.

Guy 2: Man, you got glubbed bad.

Guy 1: And get this, as we were leaving, I realized none of the girls were as attractive as they looked in the club. It was truly a glubfest of epic proportions.
by Runner1245 January 24, 2011
The sound one makes whilst drowning
*falls into pool* Aah I can't swi--m-aa *glub glub*
by foocha-kyo September 24, 2007

The proper pronunciation for the word gloves according to black people in the city of Baltimore, Maryland.
Yo nigga its cold as a bitch out hurr waiting on this number 8.

Yeah my nig, lemme go grab my glubs, so we go up Greenmount and get some Tyrones chicken.
by abwf February 01, 2010
The sound that resonates in a bottle when one is attempting to force a quantity of fluid out of the bottle greater than the capacity of the bottle's opening.
Tipping a narrow necked bottle of olive oil upside down in an attempt to pour a greater quantity which results in a "glub" sound as air fills the bottle replacing the space vacated by the fluid.
by Spiritrose22 April 05, 2010
slow, lacking energy, sleepy

synonym for torpid
"Oh man I hardly slept at 4 last night, I feel so glub today."
by Jenny January 20, 2004
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