A glowjob occurs in an environment lighted by a blacklight bulb. Whenever a person is giving traditional blowjob and jizz on their face glows, it is considered a glowjob.
Person 2: glowjobs = way of life
by Jawn Prieto September 19, 2006
Top Definition
A simple blow job (in any enviroment perferably public) while wearing a glow necklace around the shaft of your penis.
Jesse: Hey Steve, did you see that glowjob I got at the Fourth of July fireworks yesterday?
Steve: Yeah, I could see it across the whole field!
by Wet Ones September 06, 2008
when a girl at a rave party breaks a glow stick on her hand and gives a man a hand job.
"That whore was so drunk she got glow stick shit allover her hands while giving me a hand job i called it a glow job
by Nomore1337 November 05, 2008
When a graphic designer overuses Photoshop effects (either in quantity or amount), resulting in a gross display of their amateur skills.
Did you see that business card that Stefan did?" "yeah, he totally did a glow job on it!
by designguy444 March 01, 2011
Glowjob; The act of giving or receiving oral sex whilst the giver wears a LED (mouth/teeth) 'grill'.
I just got the best Glowjob ever. The pink LEDs really do it for me.
by eByrd January 23, 2011
when a girl sucks on a broken glow stick then gives a man a blow job
Maria gave me a glow job last night and i'm still glowin!
by Allah Ragbar February 25, 2008
A gay blowjob
- the guy gave him a glowjob!
- that's grouse!
by squeakydoor January 13, 2009
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