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n. Glost
adj: Glosty

Glost/Glosty is a multi-versatile word used to explain something positive or desirable, generally something that occurs between two close friends.

Glost may be used in place of your best friends name, in a moment of happiness and excitement to see him/her.

Glost may also be used in place of other words, particularly the word "love" or words that sound similar to Glost, such as "Lost"
:::in crowded train station::::
Girl #1: GLOST!
Girl #2: Oh, hi!
Girl #1: I glost you
Girl #2: Sorry about that
Girl #1: I can't wait to go on this glosty trip!!!
by aljaljaljaljaljaljaljalj April 21, 2013
a reflection of a ghost!
she looked in the mirror and ... ARGHHH!!!!!!!!!!! there was a glost!!
by kay2thela December 22, 2006
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