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Not just a regular loser, but a fakin-g loser.
He's not just a loser, he's a gloser!
by beesyboo March 27, 2011

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a person who is a loser in any other country or an international loser; a global loser
Chin- Saw Vu with a gloser the other night...
Fu- Oh man the one that hangs out with all those hos!?
Chin- Exactly!! he's a computer nerd at day and a complete
gloser at night! man i dont know HOW he gets chicks..
Fu-...maybe there grenades....
by Minglingo October 18, 2010
Gloser is a term for someone who is a gay loser hence gloser.
Rimmer. Hey Jake Your A Gloser.

Jake. oooooooo Thank you sailor
by Shaine February 24, 2005
A person that is a gay loser
hey that guy wearing that pink shirt is a gloser
by Jake Murchison February 25, 2005