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Commonly practised, the Aztecs religious ritual of human sacrifice. Aztecs from ancient times, may have sacrificed more people to their gods than any other culture in human history.

One of the more bizarre fertility ritual, is the Aztec Male Fertility Garb, known as a “Glory Bib”, (or, “Flowers for Toci”). The creation of a sacrificial garment is done by extracting, flaying, & wearing the fresh skins of fetuses, in honour of the god Toci, during XI, Ochpaniztli, (from August 21 to September 9).

The ritual involves manually ripping the fetus, (i.e., forced abortion), from recently pubescent females’ womb, by the sixth moon (month) of gestation. After the skins are removed, the remains of the fetus is then consumed by the mother, & assemblage of the loincloth styled Bib may now commence. The wearer of the Glory Bib now has potency of Toci, for the remainder of XI, Ochpaniztli.

The Aztecs sacrificed to all the gods and goddesses often through bloodletting on the heights of the pyramids. When the great temple was dedicated in 1487, priests sacrificed thousands of people in a single day.

There is evidence that the ancient Celtic Europeans practiced & performed human sacrifice. These sacrifices were both voluntary and involuntary for the gods of their clan or to the Mother Goddess. Child sacrifice & abortion were practiced and were accepted as facts of everyday life, the necessary consummation of rampant sexual immorality.
One of the more bizarre fertility rituals known, is the Aztec male fertility ritual garment, known as a “Glory Bib” (or, “Flowers for Toci”).
by The Retributivist Bishop October 26, 2013
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