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The Glory Bag is a cross between a Glory hole and a duffel bag making a portable Glory hole.

To be Glory Bagged is to unwillingly be placed into a glory bag and passed around.
He's bought a Glory bag for the boys, and it's full.

I got Glory Bagged the other day, there must have been at least 6 of them.
by Lorenz32 September 29, 2010
Glory bag refers to a samich bag full of fucking goodness. A glory bag can be a variety of drugs, or even a samich. Glory bag could contain the following: weed, shrooms, coke, meth, molly, etc... A glory bag is the bag of all bags and is shown off to all of your friends. A person may even take a picture of the glory bag for reminiscing at a later date.
by squatchwatch November 28, 2011
The vagina of a large, obese woman. Often referred to in situations where the belly covers the beltline.
Dude, I found some corn in the glory bag lastnight.
by Ian March 16, 2005
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