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The act of glassing a girl over the head during sexual intercourse while she is facing away from you.
Whore 1: "OMG Hugo glooted me last night again!"
Whore 2: "Holy shit, what the hell?"
Whore 1: "Yeh and he used a VB long neck this time"
by happyhj January 07, 2013
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An insane rapper out of mahwah. When he's not preying on the weak with CRAG, or chillaxin with his lady N-Sexay, he can be seen preying on his victims for days before actually putting them out of their utter terrified misery. Just came out with his debut CD.

Yo G-Loot's shapeup is tight!

G-Loot is one soft, moist kid!

I wish I was as cool as G-Loot!
by BlingKing November 14, 2005
Another urban physiological term for asshole.
Can you believe the sound of that fart came out of HER gloot?
by Grant R October 07, 2006

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