verb: to hug someone or something in a strong, extremely affectionate way, usually against the hugee's will.
noun: a very strong, extremely affectionate hug against the hugee's will.
As soon as I walked into the room, my spazzy bff Amy glomped me so hard I fell down.
by Amaya_Sakaruta June 30, 2010
Verb - Going crazy, bouncy hugging when you see someone you havent seen in a while

Noun - A loud, bouncy, over friendly hug
Yeah i got a glomp from my friend at the mall today, I haven't seen her in ages!
by The-Chompie June 07, 2010
A running launching flying tackle of a hug that will knock the recipiant to the ground
I was so excited to see him after all these months, that I glomped him and he fell to the ground.
by demonicmelodic July 14, 2010
An all consuming hug.
When Michelle went to hug Sarah, she practically tackled her to the ground. It was a full on glomp.
by girlynerd3 May 05, 2010
A tackle-hug where one person charges another and jumps on them while wrapping the person in a hug.
Unsuspecting victim: Lalala, I'm completely unaware of my surroundings!
Glomper: *Charges to victim and jumps on him, hugging him in the process*
Victim: *falls to the floor*
by Leah Klg November 23, 2013
passionate amazing hug that only cool people give.
hey everybody its glomp a stranger day!
by hahablah July 01, 2011
To nom on someones neck.
I glomped him and he went, "Tehe!"
by BimpyBob March 28, 2013
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