to cum in someones mouth
lol, yeah i know, but until i know theyre preferences, i dont glomp into theyre gobs
by ljjjjjj December 06, 2007
Often used as a sound effect, usually related to biting something in a large way.
Also often used as a cute word to describe the way someones significant other will limpet onto their other half. This can manifest itself as hugging and putting their mouth over their shoulder, not quite biting, but more like the sound effect use of Glomp.

Glomp is very common in Anime comics.
"don't chew the sofa."

*moments pass*

by DC January 13, 2005
Glomp is a cross between a spear and a hug.
you glomp like a girl! try more speed!
by Starblast May 18, 2003
For an animal to place the head of a smaller animal in its mouth to carry it around. Lions will often glomp the cub of another male and swing them about until the neck breaks.
A dog can glomp a puppy to carry it home. The sound that is made while the dog engulfs the head of the puppy is glomp.
by Justme July 13, 2003
To eat, usually with great enjoyment.
X: "Behold, I have pasta and meat sauce!"
X: *glomps*
by Fuschia June 19, 2006
An excessive attraction between two people in a relationship. This attraction usually results in a feeling of suffocation for one or both involved.
The boy slimply glomped onto his new girl friend.
by Igor Solinsky July 19, 2003
To put ones mouth over the nose of someone and lick, suck or blow upon it.
She glomped her girlfriend, causing her to giggle madly.
by Isabella Moon June 07, 2006
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