To nom on someones neck.
I glomped him and he went, "Tehe!"
by BimpyBob March 28, 2013
1. a swift punch to the nuts

2. tackling hug
"I glomped that mother f'er good!"

"The guy holding the glomp sign was asking for it"
by yamatodamashi July 16, 2008
present tense of "glomp."
X: Ooh, candy!
X: *glomps*
by Fuschia June 19, 2006
Tackle Hug, normally reserved for ppl you like and cute members of your preferred sex.
I Glomp Hope, Kaluwa, Danielle and NHG, leaving them all gasping for air and a little freaked out.
by Chaostic_2k1 December 17, 2003
the sound the girl makes when she sucks your dick, kinda sounds like gargling and it sounds like a popping noise. the whole motion is called a glomp
Ricky: dat gurl be glompin me
by puppetinjection April 16, 2009
1. A flying hug, a friendly sort of way with in two friends to show that they love each other
2. To smack upside the head lovingly, not to hurt the person, but to cause laughter between the two.
3. To tackle for sexual feeling for a person, fan girls do this.
1. They glomped eachother and then rolled down the hill
2. She glomped me and we laughed
3. The fan girl jumped on my, knocking me to the ground! 0.o
by KissuKiruAi March 13, 2005
To latch onto someone in a hug.
"I like to glomp hot chicks. ^-^ lol"
by Dave May 16, 2004
to cum in someones mouth
lol, yeah i know, but until i know theyre preferences, i dont glomp into theyre gobs
by ljjjjjj December 06, 2007

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