To nom on someones neck.
I glomped him and he went, "Tehe!"
by BimpyBob March 28, 2013
Glomp. Derived from some bastard who did not know how to spell. It means you tackle someone from behind and hug them. It is used by pedophiles and by the mafia.
The mafia glomped Hitler to ensure that he could not kill any more people.
by Hidden February 01, 2011
It's a verb, meaning that you run over to someone, picks them up, hugs them carries them around and happily puts them down.
Ally sees Morgan entering the room, and runs over to glomp her.
by Sarig June 27, 2004
A term that anime faggots use to describe a cross between a hug and a tackle.
anime faggot #1: *glomp* ^-^ KONNICHI-WA
anime faggot #2: NANNIIIIIIIIII!?!?!!
by cdeyoung November 22, 2010
an over enthusiastic jump hug greeting that can sometimes be sexual. common among fall festival shakespearians.
FFOS Kid from MMRHS: "Hey, I know you!" *glomp*
FFOS Kid from THS: "Hey!" *glomps back*
by Tasha T October 08, 2007
The act of latching onto someone's body part in a friendly way.
Sid loves to be glomped by his best friend, Cy.
by SSapphire May 07, 2007
A cross between a hug and a tackle. Usually naked. Resulting in at least one and usually all participants on the ground.
*Lia GLOMPS Vivi as she comes into chat*
by Liahna of FF on 140 September 05, 2010
an awesome tackle hug by the glomp master Goddess
Goddess glomped everyone she saw!
by Tetty October 03, 2008

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