To nom on someones neck.
I glomped him and he went, "Tehe!"
by BimpyBob March 28, 2013
What Shelley does.
A cross between a hug and a tackle or sometimes a pounce, usually a friendly form of greeting.
Shelley: "M!!! Hi!" *glomps*
M: "Choking! not breathing!"
Shelley: *crushes ribs*
by Duskatala October 08, 2011
A violent cuddle, usually used when something or someone is very cute. Sometimes involves kissing and hugging.
"Ohmygod! It's so cute!!!" *GLOMP*
by Its-a-secret! October 18, 2010
A variation of the word glomp used for evil doing.
Mr Sam glömped me so I slapped him with a trout.
by Meow May 06, 2004
a surprise hug from behind. when some one glomps you their giving you a surprise hug from behind c:
Boy: *Glomps (insert name here)*
by taytayluvr13 December 27, 2012
Putting someone's entire face in your mouth until it liquidizes into "glomp".

The remains are then sucked out.

The toxins soon shut down their nervous system and their body shortly gets spun up into a silk cocoon so that you can crawl back to your web and save the meal for later.
Master. I have brought you tonights sacrifice. I found him in the subway asking people for spare change. So I gave him a burrito laced with morphine.

Very well. She will glomp tonight. For she is desperately hungry. Do better than homeless dudes or else she will glomp you next.
by Junks_wut February 06, 2011
a glomp is when a lady runs, jumps, opens her legs and suctions on with her vagina to another friend....
Girl: OMG *runs, jumps, opens legs*
person: I'VE BEEN GLOMPED!!! how deep is your glomp?
Girl: it's the deepest!
by bladderfaceman December 09, 2010
To jump on a person expecting them to either catch you or fall down. Most likely you will fall if said person is bigger than you.
I was just minding my own business, when she ran out of nowhere and glomped me!
by RoseRed Heart January 08, 2009
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