A theory popuarlized by lying politicians to scare the living hell at of all of us.
ignorant liberal: Oh my freaking God NOT GLOBAL WARMING!!!!

Al Gore: *sits in a corner giggling histerically*
by Jozi June 02, 2007
The thing that you blame all of your problems on.
Teacher: Why didn't you do your biology assignment last night?
Student: Global Warming.

Woman: Why weren't you home yesterday?
Man: Global Warming
by Kale916 February 17, 2008
we were warned
but we didn't listen
George Bush doesn't like beavers!!
Oh no,global warming is coming!!!!!!
by againg hippie liberal douche October 31, 2005
If I hear the term "Go Green!" one more time I will rip my hair out. Remember back in the '70s, when they said there was going to be a huge ice age? Hmmm, look what happened. There wasn't an ice age. Remember back in 2009 when all the democrats and uneducated idiots got all hyped up about global warming and all of the polar bears dying and the world eventually coming to an end? What a bunch of ignorant followers, eh?
I'll be laughing in your face when global warming proves to be a natural thing and nothing out of the ordinary happens.
by LOL DANIELLE April 22, 2009
The worldwide phenomena of mockingly referring to snowfall as "Global Warming."
We had six inches of global warming last night and I have to shovel it off my driveway.
by vapig January 31, 2009
an imaginary invention, created by the british government to allow them to increase taxes
alistair darling: "The latest reports on global warming suggest that we will all be dead in three seconds. We can however, prevent this by simply increasing you car tax"
by tommy060289 April 15, 2008
As a rule, it always happens before an Ice Age, except that we are either delaying the next freeze, or worsening it by polluting the Earth.
As a result of global warming, the next ice Ace produced massive glaciers which reached the tropics, killing off 93% of ll life on Earth.
by prophet August 22, 2003
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