We now know that this phenomonon has naturally occured many times before by simply looking at patterns in volcanic and solar activity over a period of several million years. Besides, planet Earth is simply too complicated to measure with today's scientific methods, because they don't take into account factors like cloud cover, recent solar/volcanic activity, temperature variations between urban and rural areas, and carbon dioxide absorption by plants.
If everyone decided to stop polluting in an effort to stop global warming, it still wouldn't make much of a difference if a volcano suddenly erupts or the sun releases a plume of energy into space.
by AYB July 19, 2003
A hoax created by Al Gore to make people believe they were killing the earth. While his goal to make us think about our impact on the environment is noble, he needs to stop being a media whore and looking for attention after he lost the election. Back to the facts. GLOBAL WARMING IS NOT REAL. Actual scientists have proven that the earth and it's ozone are not affected by us as much as we think. People assumed it was real because of the fact that the ice caps are slowly melting, but most people don't realize they have been melting ever since the last ice age. Another fun fact, places closer to the equator having been getting colder. In fact, the midwest set multiple records for snowfall. Even southern nevada and south carolina got snow. If you still don't believe me, then go hug a tree you vegan pussy.
Al Gore: As we can see by this graph, if things continue the way they are, the earth will be destroyed by global warming...and manbearpig... I'm super cereal.

Everyone with a brain: no, its not Mr. Gore, you're just in denial over the election results.
#global warming #al gore #vegan pussies #hoax #environmentalists
by Gsyk1370 June 12, 2011
A serious scientific issue that has been made awfully political by a bunch of morons on the left to the point that people have just stopped caring.
-Hey, it rained a lot yesterday.
-Damn, shuttup bitch. It's been raining since the oceans have formed on Earth. If you care so much why don't you get an engineering degree and come up with a way to solve the problem instead of whining and driving up the costs of fuel and energy. Shit...
#climate change #leonardo dicarpio #exxon #republicans #bush
by Jbrew August 13, 2007
the biggest heap o' bullshit to be fed to America since santa claus
Al Gore: You should stop driving cars because they are causing Global Warming! Private Jets I don't care about, but no cars!
#bullshit #bs #crap #don't listen to this hipocryte #highdea
by bored15yrold September 28, 2011
Snow, particularly among those skeptical of the theory of anthropomormic global warming, i.e., that people are somehow responsible for the period of warming the earth is currently experiencing.
"So, how's the weather up north?"
"We got a foot of global warming."
#global warming #agw #winter weather #al gore #climate alarmism
by southcentralpa December 25, 2009
That real superb head....Glorified or should I say award winning, deserves an Oscar! "Caliente" in spanish term meaning in english "BLAZING"! Keep the head warm in the winter, fuck La Nina! Keeps a nigga like a motion picture "Coming Soon"
Jessica Wallace and Desirae gave me & the entire football team Global Warming on game day. GO TEAM!!!!!!!!!
#dome #georgia dome #head #top #fellatio
by Albany, GA November 07, 2009
Possibly the greatest con in the history of mankind; a theory made up by Al Gore and liberal scientists to try to tell you that you are killing the planet and should be ashamed of your lifestyle. After you are completely convinced of this, Al Gore then tries to guilt you into giving him money to buy bullshit "carbon credits" from his website. Al uses this money to buy more private jets and 20,000 square foot homes. It is also used as an excuse by liberal politicians to raise taxes on every citizen in the United States, even though there's absolutely no scientific basis to suggest that would lower carbon emissions.
Bob: What are you doing?

Joe: Buying more carbon credits from Al Gore; I drove my SUV 20 miles today!

Bob: Dude, you know global warming is complete BS, right?
#al #gore #hypocrite #bullshit #fake #taxes
by soxxfan2424 November 03, 2009
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