1- A natural process by which the earth warms up from trapping the heat of the sun within the atmosphere. This process has been occurring for hundreds of millions of years. For more information read a fucking book.

2- A very controversial issue that has been the topic of much debate, media coverage, lies, misinterpretations, and whatever the fuck else you can think of. Essentially the issue is represented by a few groups of people;

A) REAL scientists who research this issue using the proper scientific method in order to propose theories, and learn the facts about what is going on. In addition real scientist always have the proper education and experience in the relevant fields. Often bribed, and terrorized into saying things they know aren't true

B) The Masters, essentially the group of people who understand that global warming is much more than just an environmental issue but more importantly, a way of promoting their own agendas. The masters exist above the bullshit of the common mans world so it is they that control the planet as a whole. ex. The greatest of the political elites, major corporations, people that run the media etc.

C) Environmentalists, this group by far is the most prevalent in the public and the most outspoken, they consist of every arrogant douche bag imaginable who think that they know everything about global warming despite most likely having little to no knowledge (probably just saw An Inconvenient Truth), their sole purpose is to coax sheep, and destroy skeptics with their a system of scare tactics and brainwashing- not unlike fascist dictators and terrorists, and saying stuff like if you don't believe in global warming (man made or otherwise) your comparable to a natzi war criminal.

D) skeptics, people who generally don't follow the current belief that humans are the the major cause of the temperature rise because they have been educated better and have a mind of their own. They are systematically hunted by the environmentalists.

E)Unbelievers, a subgroup of skeptics- these people are just too lazy to believe in global warming and as an extension are dumb as shit.

F) Sheep- see sheep
1) Do i really need an example just a read a fucking book.

A) The hard working men and women who want nothing more than to learn the truth about our world, they are the tools of this war.

B) The leaders of Greenpeace (yeah thats right they don't give a shit about the planet), Rupert Murdoch, Illuminati, The Man.

C) Al gore, every jack ass at an environmental rally, or blogger preaching about it.

D) Anyone that has read a book, done research themselves and come to the reasonable conclusion that maybe we aren't the cause of global warming.

E) Like skeptics minus the books, research, and intelligence.

F) Chances are this group is everyone you know.
by Boner Jamz February 13, 2008
You don't need to know what it means, only that you have to agree that it is real and is being caused by humans.
Random Dude: You know I really think global warming is a swindle.
"Free-thinking open-minded" Liberal: You retarded brainwashed ass-backwards neo-conservative, if you don't believe in global warming you will destroy the earth and go to hell! Freedom of speech and dissent is only allowed when I agree with it! God bless Karl Marx
Random Dude: I'm not a neo-con or a Republican, I am an independent. I just don't think global warming is the crisis people are trying to make it out to be.
Liberal: Oil shill! You're in Exxon's pocket!

Dissenting Scientist: My research indicates the current global warming crisis may not be all it is cracked up to be.
Employer: You're fired!
Liberals: Oil shill!
Government: You lose all your grants!
Ex-dissenting Scientist: No, I believe in global warming again!
by Mujibar June 17, 2007
Global Warming the natural and God given process by which excessive numbers of a dominate species are thinned out. The alternative to what states do when there are excess numbers of deer destroying their habitat and causing stress and disease in the population (i.e. hunting licenses to kill any adult male -- and in critical population situations licenses to kill limited numbers of females).

Note: Does not mean species extinction, especially for those privileged and well-prepared members of that species. Buy and fortify tillable high ground now.
The Senate was unable to decide on the lottery method for the Logan's Run and bomb Iraq Now bills last session and instead decided to defer to a Global Warming solution.
by dudelookslikeachimp December 29, 2007
The increasing of the Earth's tempurature caused by massive hot headedness from "scientists", polititions, and the media. If habits are not changed, humanity may be in grave danger of stupidity from the melting brains of people who perpetuate this stuff.
Guy 1, "The world is going to end because cows wont stop farting!!"
Guy 2, "Dude relax youre just experiencing some global warming syndrom"
by rit164 May 25, 2011
Something that is only unproven theory until after it has happened, that no one really understands why it is happening, and that will probably happen in the very near future, or not, no matter whose silly orders you follow.
The chances of you getting a college scholarship is like Global Warming.
by dudelookslikeachimp December 29, 2007
A natural cycle caused by the increase of solar activity, exploited by anti-capitalist shakedown artists.

Amusingly enough, though it is said we are speeding up the process, statisctical data clearly points out we are not increaseing temperature any faster that usual.

Also interesting is that all our factories, planes, cars and people give out 6 gigatons of C02, where animals give out 150 gigitons. The full scale is as follows

humanity < volcanoes < animals < decomposition <<< OCEANS
humanity + volcanoes + animals + decomposition <<< OCEANS

After global cooling ddnt work in the seventies and the made up El nino in the nineties... now its time for a new "human disaster" ONLY AL GORE CAN SAVE YOU!!
Fucking global warming thoerist douchebags
by CrisMoser June 12, 2007
A naturally-occuring change in the environment in which the global tempatures rise. Falsely presented as an exclusively man-made phenomenon in an attempt to demonize America, and its lifestyle. Said representation is a pathetic, politically-motivated hoax pushed by tree-hugging, tofu-eating, anti-civilization hippies who base scientific theories on emotion, and not fact.
What about the Medieval Warm Period (1000-1300 AD), which preceded the Little Ice Age (1300-1500 AD)? I wonder if Hummers existed around that time...

Oh yes, and does anyone remember global cooling, which was pushed by pretty much the same lefty hacks that are now pushing global warming?
by Omega Death November 18, 2005
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