A term which really means "warming of the northern hemisphere" since the southern hemisphere is cooling. And during the 1970's, when the media was hyping an ice age, it really was an ice age of the northern hemisphere, since the southern hemisphere was getting much warmer in the 70's. It seems the whole problem is due to the fact that most people live in the northern hemisphere so whatever that hemisphere does, they call it "global." Right now, arctic ice is melting and antacrtic ice is growing. Mars does this all the time, sometimes it has a polar ice cap on the north, and sometimes on the south. Earth does the same thing, but idiots like Al Gore don't know this.
Global warming of the earth right now.
by Morgan Wright October 24, 2007
when claimed to be man made it's a political fabrication by those lusting for inordinate control

see also: fascist strategems
As the sun's myriad of natural cycles approach intersection solar output increases radically thereby heating planets proportionally. Unfortunately solar warming is mislabeled global warming by those who irrationally insist it is man made all the while ignoring the ONE source of heat in the proximate cosmos. These people are oft refered to as the cult of manmadeglobalwarning. Well before the dawn of man there were numerous ice ages and global warmings.
by Honor Sursault June 18, 2013
Made up by scientists and Al Gore to make you act like idiots, into wasting less energy and making less pollution. They also try to make people believe that the world is getting warming, all because of us.
Global warming is for greeen freaks who think they can save the world.
by Stupid-defs February 03, 2009
A worldwide political red herring asserting American activity is responsible for global climate changes, which is supported by no empirical evidence (shown by IPCC Report '07), used to attack American capitalism while ignoring other worldwide polluters and allowing domestic (U.S.) fanatics and bureaucrats to increase government regulation and spending, growing the size of bureaucracy, funding special interest group's payrolls, and perpetuating manufactured crises and socialism.
'Global warming's greatest proponent, Former Vice President Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. claims credit for inventing the internet. He grew up the son of a tobacco farmer and has no discernable background in climatology.
"Global warming", caused by human activity, is a lie. Ice in Antarctica is increasing in size (NASA '05). Mars is heating up too (Scientific American '07).
by Dave Robber April 08, 2007
After global cooling did not pan out, this was created.
No, we really mean it this time!
by Jeffery Kark July 07, 2003
Al Gore's precursor to Manbearpig. You decide which is more dangerous.
HInt: It isn't Global Warming
by Chodey McChode April 27, 2006
The perfect word to determine the user's intelligence; if it is used in a serious context, accepting its existence, taking into account several decades of cold, hard scientific evidence, then the user of the word is most likely intelligent. If it is used as part of a suggested conspiracy theory or to call liberals idiots, the user of the word is most likely unintelligent.
Intelligent person: "Oh God, is that true? Global warming has caused the ice caps to shrink THAT much in the last 10 years? Only a fool would fail to realize that the earth's temperature is rising at an unnatural rate!"
Unintelligent person: "Global warming? It's 55 in February where I am! That's progressives for ya, trying to invent things that don't amount to diddly, just so they can raise taxes, take our guns, prosecute heterosexuals and burn our churches."
by Ass McGillicutty March 13, 2012

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