If I hear the term "Go Green!" one more time I will rip my hair out. Remember back in the '70s, when they said there was going to be a huge ice age? Hmmm, look what happened. There wasn't an ice age. Remember back in 2009 when all the democrats and uneducated idiots got all hyped up about global warming and all of the polar bears dying and the world eventually coming to an end? What a bunch of ignorant followers, eh?
I'll be laughing in your face when global warming proves to be a natural thing and nothing out of the ordinary happens.
by LOL DANIELLE April 22, 2009
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A theory popuarlized by lying politicians to scare the living hell at of all of us.
ignorant liberal: Oh my freaking God NOT GLOBAL WARMING!!!!

Al Gore: *sits in a corner giggling histerically*
by Jozi June 02, 2007
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The worldwide phenomena of mockingly referring to snowfall as "Global Warming."
We had six inches of global warming last night and I have to shovel it off my driveway.
by vapig January 31, 2009
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A lie thought up by Al Gore to gain attention. Purely a money making opportunity thought up by the biggest lier ever. A hypocritical statement that is made by someone flying around the country in private jets, mining zinc in his backyard, and using 10 times the energy of the average US household. Global warming was thought up to sell hybrid cars and carbon credits and gain money off our naive society.
Hitler said "if a lie is repeated enough times it would become widely accepted as truth" Al Gore has capitalized on this and brainwashed a society of people scared to question authority. Global warming is an excuse for liberals to take more hard earned money away from everyone.
by RickRoss February 07, 2008
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A natural cycle caused by the increase of solar activity, exploited by anti-capitalist shakedown artists.

Amusingly enough, though it is said we are speeding up the process, statisctical data clearly points out we are not increaseing temperature any faster that usual.

Also interesting is that all our factories, planes, cars and people give out 6 gigatons of C02, where animals give out 150 gigitons. The full scale is as follows

humanity < volcanoes < animals < decomposition <<< OCEANS
humanity + volcanoes + animals + decomposition <<< OCEANS

After global cooling ddnt work in the seventies and the made up El nino in the nineties... now its time for a new "human disaster" ONLY AL GORE CAN SAVE YOU!!
Fucking global warming thoerist douchebags
by CrisMoser June 12, 2007
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A worldwide political red herring asserting American activity is responsible for global climate changes, which is supported by no empirical evidence (shown by IPCC Report '07), used to attack American capitalism while ignoring other worldwide polluters and allowing domestic (U.S.) fanatics and bureaucrats to increase government regulation and spending, growing the size of bureaucracy, funding special interest group's payrolls, and perpetuating manufactured crises and socialism.
'Global warming's greatest proponent, Former Vice President Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. claims credit for inventing the internet. He grew up the son of a tobacco farmer and has no discernable background in climatology.
"Global warming", caused by human activity, is a lie. Ice in Antarctica is increasing in size (NASA '05). Mars is heating up too (Scientific American '07).
by Dave Robber April 08, 2007
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Global Warming is here, yes it is. But it is not our fault. When the news, magazines, etc. talk about global warming they are trying to scare us. By scaring us we become more materialistic. We become worried about if something is made safely or how it affects the environment when we are done with it. So basically we buy stuff that is more expensive because it was made in an environmentally "safe" way. The truth is that global warming is a natural phenomenon. The earth was much hotter during the time of the dinosaurs than what it is now. Then it cooled down and began a series of ice ages. Obviously the earth had to warm up from the last great ice age to what it is now.

I'm telling you that global warming is natural. It isn't a side effect of us burning fossil fuels. It is a natural result of the earths trip around the sun, the movement of tectonic plates, and an all around natural cycle that the earth goes through. Scientists say that the increase of temperature is much higher since the 1980's, but how do they really know? We obviously weren't around to watch glaciers melt after the last great ice age, so they don't really know. It's all a ploy and a scare tactic. It has been said before, on this site and elsewhere, but i want to reiterate that even if everyone in the world stopped doing anything that emitted "greenhouse gasses" the earth would continue to warm up at the same rate.
News: The earth gained 3 extra degrees today bumping it's average up to 125. In light of this massive heat wave you don't want to make global warming worse so go buy that "environmentally safe" air conditioner.

Dumb person watching news: Wow i gotta be safe about this and protect my environment.
by Jacob Schumacher April 18, 2006
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