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The art of ordering glitter over the internet and sending it via snail mail, to be opened by an unsuspecting ex girlfriend or old boss can also be used against current colleagues and partners. go get
Some fucker GlitterFucked me this morning and now i can't get rid of this shit
by Blagology January 15, 2015
Verb - the act of sneaking up behind - or alternately while hugging - someone and dumping massive amounts of glitter on their hair and clothes, leaving them iridescent and thoroughly annoyed.
"Dude, is that glitter on your scalp? Where were you last night, a strip club?"

"No, brah, my girl's friends glitterfucked me last night when I went to meet her at the bar."


While dumping a tube of glitter on my best friend's head I exclaimed, "GUESS WHO JUST GOT GLITTERFUCKED?! GUESS WHO JUST GOT GLITTERFUCKED?!"


Yeah girl, when I was at that PANTyRAiD show I climbed on stage and glitterfucked the whole crowd. Everyone was pissed and they pulled me off stage!
by ZoftigFaerie January 08, 2012
an adjective describing the act of being so awesome ur considered as a glitterfucker.
Jeffree Star is so glitterfuck >:D
by IzRaelGlitter March 11, 2010
power fuck; hard; mostly anal without lubrication.
glitterfuck that how dude!
by licht May 20, 2008
1.A Gay Person/Homosexual
That Guy Has Sequence On His Shirt. What A Glitter Fuck!
by litoboom2Deeboom July 31, 2009

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