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A term used to describe the most powerful suit of power armour on Rifts Earth (and maybe the Megaverse...): The USA-G10 Laser Resistant Armored Infantry Personnel Assault Unit. The name is applied to all variants of the armour produced by other nations as well. The term applies to those who regularly pilot the armour too, predominantly Free Quebec.

The name is derived from the way the light reflects and shines off of the armour, as a result of it being build to reflect laser attacks, so they inflict half damage.
Glitter-Boys lose their resistance to our laser-pulse rifles when they use black paint to camouflage themselves to hide in the shadows so out flashlights don't give them away when we run across them...
by Jordan Hill December 16, 2004
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A extinct clothing line designed by the fabulous and beautiful Davey Havok.

Mr. Havok's next clothing line is scheduled to come out late 2006.
Girl: Wow, that is a fantastic jacket you have there!
Boy: Duh, it's Glitter boy, made by Davey Havok!
Girl: Too bad it's no longer around.
by Shalanka August 16, 2006
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Another term for a raver. Typically characterized by brightly colored clothing, tattoos, unnaturally dyed hair, drug use, and other qualities of a person frequenting the rave scene. So called because of their use of glitter stickers, makeup, clothing, et cetera.
I hope that glitter boy doesn't wave a glow-stick in my face.
by Mr. Derby July 10, 2008
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