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Any compund of substances left on a bed after several days of drunkenness as well sexual activity and lack of personal hygiene.
Glitta contains 2 or more of the following items: skin, blood, semen, hair, saliva, urine, feces, sand, water, beer, liquor, lotion, personal lubricant, spermicide, massage oil, dirt, snot, toe/finger nails, chap stick, food, chewing gum, toe jam, earwax, dingleberries, and last but not least vomit!

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Anything that brings you joy. For some girls, that rhymes with boy! For boys, it rhymes with OH, boy!!!!
The term was first coined in the film "Next Friday".
Chico is glitta.
Stan is glitta.
Joan is glitta.
Mimi is definitely glitta!
by Grateful Goddess December 23, 2003