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This is what neopets servers are.
Neopets servers are glitchy steaming piles of shepoopy
by Josh July 20, 2004
A stupid mistake, especially one that can hold you back on what your working on for long periods of time. Often in refrence to programming.
I mistyped a varible name so my program didn't work. I pulled a Glitchy!
by DMJefff July 15, 2005
The Trap... Or The Spot.
"Im Bout To Roll Threw The GLitchy For A Min. To Get This Gud Off."
by Thr3388 April 16, 2009
Seriously a fucking palace.
A place where time dosen't exist.
omg, i think i have died and gone to glitchys.
by Glitch May 14, 2004