a defect, a flaw(see also bug)
Carefully thinking the scheme over revealed a glitch in his plan.
by Light Joker January 01, 2005
Something in a certain popular other-reality based movie to loosely patch over glaring holes in the plot.
Deja-vu means there's a glitch in the matrix, Keanu, you cardboard cut out of an actor!
by Pauly T November 13, 2003
the internets best forum where friends and loves can be made
i am going to www.glitch.us for a good time and to forget all the problems in the world
by masterK December 07, 2004
London slang north side
see bump
could also be susbstituted for 'how gay is that'
: 'my mum won't let me come blaze tonight'
:'what a glitch dude'
by Judge Fudge January 02, 2005
an orgasmic like feeling in the deep depths of a wrinkly vagina.
usually caused by another vagina.
kate was glitching when becca rubbed her.
An insult that originated from Allie's stupid claim that the same commercial aired twice in a row is "a glitch in the matrix".
Shut up, you glitch!
by Amelia Q November 14, 2004

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